Taking photos of your tools & toolbox

Upload photos in less than 60 seconds 


What do I need to do?

We require technicians to upload photos of their tools and toolbox within 14 days of the policy starting. We do this so that technicians have a record of their tools collection in the event of a claim, instead of always asking for all the old receipts. 

Step One

A photo of your toolbox

Take a photo of the whole toolbox. Just like the one in this photo.

Step Two

Photos of the tools in each drawer

Open up a drawer/compartment of your toolbox and take a photo that shows the tools kept within. Then repeat this for each drawer/compartment until you have photos of your entire tools collection.

Step Three

Once you’ve finished taking your photos and have purchased a policy, you can upload the photos via the My Account ‘Documents and Images’ section of your policy.