Toolbox Insurance for your technicians

Toolbox Insurance to create secure employees.

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are your technicians protected?

Your Technicians Have a Lot To Lose.

Technicians invest a lot in their Tools and Toolbox. Therefore if they are not protected, Technicians stand to lose years of money, time and effort. Likewise, the ability to do their work.

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Average value of a technicians tools and toolbox
How we can help you and your technicians

The Benefits of Toolbox Insurance

Happier Technicians

A powerful way to engage and motivate employees.

Attract The Best Talent

Experienced technicians have the biggest toolboxes and so have more to lose without protection.

Discounted Prices

Partner employers benefit from discounted premiums.

Plenty of Cover

Cover including vehicle impact,
fire & theft.

New Replacement

If the tools or toolbox are damaged beyond repair, we will replace them with the new equivalent.

Individual Cover

Each technician get their own policy in their own name.

FUlly protect or support

Our Toolbox Insurance Products


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Give your employees total support

Toolbox Protected

Arrange total Insurance protection for your technician’s toolboxes.  

contribute to your employees cover

Toolbox Supported

Contribute to your technician’s toolbox insurance.

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