ATS approved Toolbox Insurance

Save your progress by protecting the tools collection you have built. 

Was glad to finally find a company that insure mechanics toolboxes and contents and your operative was very polite and helpful 👍
Simple service to use and does exactly what you need it to do.
Any questions answered promptly by the team. Highly recommended.
Price and cover excellent.
concerned about your collection?

Your Tools and Toolbox shouldn't be left exposed

If something were to happen, you stand to lose:

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save your progress

Toolbox Insurance for Vehicle Technicians

Great Prices

Cover starts from just £2.42 per month.

Super Simple

Start cover in minutes, 100% online.

Designed For You

Created for vehicle technicians with a toolbox at their place of work.

Plenty of Cover

Cover includes vehicle impact, fire & theft subject to forcible and violent entry or exit.

New Replacement

If your tools/toolbox are damaged beyond repair, we will replace them with the new equivalent.

3 steps to protect your Toolbox

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Secure your toolbox to the building

Get your Toolbox Insurance


Upload photos of your tools collection

Toolbox Protected

We believe that progress is worth protecting

We recognise the incredible effort that goes into building a great toolbox. Our aim is to help technicians secure that progress by protecting it, so that they can continue building their toolbox and extending their abilities. 

Tools and Toolboxes Insured
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Live Life Secure

We’re here to help people save their progress, so that everyone can live their life secure and continue to strive for more.